Hello simmers, i am RichieD, 34yo from sunny old England, UK and I love flying.

  • I enjoy a wide variety of Simulators and Games and I am looking forward to entertaining you all right here on TwitchTV
  • On a Friday Night from 8pmGMT 2000z I bring you all the #FridayNightMix. Just Click the RichieDOfficial Icon down the page to listen live.
  • I am part of a fantastic Twitch Team called (Global Sim Alliance) With Flight Sims Finest Streamers. Just Click the GSA Icon down the page to see our marvelous Team of Pros.
  • This is a channel where we can all have a laugh and learn from one another and build a great community.
  • Let’s all have fun and enjoy the real time flights on VATSIM, Tricky Approaches, Re Simulating real events and even enjoy kicking each others asses on games like Arma3, World of Warships, Battlefield ex…

It is my pleasure to Welcome you all to RichieDGaming.


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